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Everything you could ever want in a lesbian podcast!

This podcast is everything I’ve been looking for in a pod. Funny, easy to listen to, great guests and two down to earth women who are so honest and real. It’s my number one go to and I’ve never been bored with a single ep!

Half him half her

Half him half her OMG what a story I felt so connected to this person I have no reason to be except I just felt every second of this I cried and I laughed but most of all I just felt so many emotions.... this story just gave my chills... crazy and wild.... thank you for sharing and opening my mind up to this subject...

Absolute legends

This podcast is the only podcast that keeps me entertained to actually sit through the whole thing! Rita and Leigh and both hilarious talking about everything. I can’t wait for the next episode Always sharing and raving about this pod!

Jaryd Cachia - what a guy!

That episode with Jaryd! Wow! I’ve always found many footy players to be insufferably arrogant and entitled but he’s an incredibly evolved human! He and Sophie should be really proud of themselves! So mature! Love the podcast!

Great listen

Funny, real and honest! X

This podcast is exactly what the world needed

Leigh and Reets have become the lesbian sisters I needed. Their episodes take me on a whole emotional journey from laughing my head off to quite a few sneaky tears. They give a voice to so many topics that are just never discussed. Also their banter is top notch. Could not recommend this pod highly enough regardless of your sexual orientation

Highly recommend

This is an excellent podcast that couldn’t be anymore real life! These two girls give a great insight on a number of topics through open lenses. I only started listening a couple of weeks ago as my wife recommended it! I have already listened to all of the episodes and look forward to the weekly releases. Love your work girls!

Love love love!

Honestly this is the exact podcast I have been looking for! There are so many life, love, relationship podcasts hosted by women that, don’t get me wrong, are very enjoyable and great! But I couldn’t help but think they were always just so straight girl hetero. It’s so refreshing to hear an Australian podcast that talks about life through a lesbian filter. Thank you ladies - hands down a favourite!


Yesssss! I’m so happy I found this podcast. This was exactly what I needed. Some really heavy topics but also heaps of light hearted banter, the perfect combo of serious and fun. Well done girls, brilliant content :) I look forward to each new ep x


Absolutely love this podcast! Not really a podcast person but I literally can’t wait for the next episode and hang out for the following Thursday to hear more. Leigh and Rita are both hilarious and genuine which is a really endearing mix. Regardless of sexuality there’s a lot to take away from these podcasts. Listen people!

Witty af

Love this new podcast from Leigh and Rita. I’ve known both of them for 10 and 8 years respectively so a lot of the stories are familiar to me and it’s so lovely to be reminded of them. A very funny, witty team with great banter and always something interesting to say sprinkled with humour and sarcasm. Love it every week!

So good

Leigh and Rita are so funny and genuine! I love the topics that they discuss in this podcast. Can’t wait for more episodes!

Already loving it!

After the first episode I’m already enjoying the laughs and laid back vibe while still discussing some important issues and experiences. It’s also super easy to listen to. Awesome job!