April 14, 2021

Ep 28 - Half Him Half Her (with Stephanie Vaughan)

Ep 28 - Half Him Half Her (with Stephanie Vaughan)

In this episode, Reets interviews an old friend with a very special story about gender and identity.

It has often been said that Gender is who you go to bed 'as', whereas Sexuality is who you go to bed 'with'. But what happens if you are born 'intersex' and sit somewhere in between male and female;
And what if you happened to learn, more than five decades later, that you had modifying surgery when you were born to to make you male... but you felt more female?

That is the case of Stephanie Vaughan from Busselton Western Australia.

Hear Steph's incredible journey which she captures in her recently released book, 'Half Him Half Her'.

NB: Trigger warning, this episode covers the topic of suicide and self harm. If you are feeling distressed or need to talk to someone please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Purchase your copy of 'Half Him Half Her' on Amazon here.

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