Feb. 25, 2021

Ep 22 - Gratitude, Scripting & The Law of Attraction

Ep 22 - Gratitude, Scripting & The Law of Attraction

In this rambling episode, Leigh and Reets talk about their respective meltdowns this week (one was cold-sore inducing), and they also delve into their beliefs on manifesting your desires into reality.

Hear them talk about:
- How being grateful for what you already have can raise your vibration
- The Law of Attraction - what it is and how it works
- Scripting - the art of manifesting on paper!

Reets also declares that she is no longer spending hours editing each episode - so welcome to the new and uncut version of the Me For Her pod! It's imperfectly perfect, (with us talking over eachother + some 3 second silences #soz).

For more info on the law of attraction and manifesting, watch the Secret on Netflix here.

For more on guidance on scripting, check out Leigh's sister Peta Kelly's course called 'Better and Better - Stories & Scripting Mess-Ta-Class BUNDLE' here.

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