Hello and welcome to our podcast!

Me For Her was born in in the middle of 2020 when Rita started implementing the daily habit of a morning walk and podcast into her new lockdown/working from home routine. 

Reets and Leigh

One of the first things Reets entered into the podcast search was 'lesbian', and she was surprised to see that there weren't any Australian lesbian or female specific LGBTIQ podcast shows that she could find.

The next morning when she was speaking to her best friend Leigh, she mentioned the idea of starting one of their own - given they spoke most days on the topics of their lives anyway... and the rest was history! Leigh was excited to start the passion project together and thought the two could really add value and perspective to the wider community, given they each had polar opposite lives.

So here it is, a podcast about two lesbians navigating their respective single & married lives, aiming to help other women in their 20’s and 30’s laugh at, relate to and learn from our experiences.

We hope we can fulfil our mission of educating and entertaining our listeners (aka our Mums, hi Mum!).